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Transforming banking and financial services for the new generation

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Giant Financial Services

Embracing Advancements

Exponential growth, endless possibilities.



Advancing banking and financial services.


Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary autonomous machine-assisted decisions.



Understanding creative thinking.



Borderless decisions at a push of a button.

Who We Are

We Are Giant Financial Services

Giant Financial Services aims to transform banking and financial services for the new generation. By embracing the advancements of technology through FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, and harnessing design - our goal is to deliver beautiful, best-in-class financial tools for and services anyone anywhere. Our digital-first approach to business allows us to operate more efficiently while cutting down huge overhead costs that traditional financial institutions have. This also provides us a lot of room for embracing innovation brought by the rapid advancements in technology.

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What We Do

Finance for the next generation.

We provide access to the world’s top financial and asset institutions right at your fingertips. With banking at our core, we empower our clients to go beyond traditional banking, offering them a wide array of intelligent investment choices they can make at a push of a button.


Our Vision

We believe in igniting opportunities in finance. With the aid of technology, we know we can make the fire burn brighter, together with millions of people.

Our team of experts represents has witnessed the Asian economy’s golden age. With the uprising of technology, we are taking the lead in shaping the future of the financial industry through the new-age digital economy. By onboarding more financial institutions and equalizing opportunities through digitalization, we believe that financial freedom and wealth is easily attainable within everyone’s reach.

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Portable Money Management

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Start transforming the way you bank today.

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A Giant Revolution

Big changes, all in the palm of your hand.


Digital Bank Account Opening

Open an account without ever having to go to a physical bank.


Global Financial Institutions

Easily connect to the world's leading asset and financial institutions


Intelligent Financial Administration

Make your money work for you, we do all the hard work in one simple click.


Unparalleled Banking Rewards System

Get rewarded for making your money grow - make the most out of your assets!